Sexy Influences on a date

How do you make a date special? I recently chatted to one of the new girls who joined is here at Maidenhead escorts in It is not easy to get started when you first become an escort, and I remember what it was like for me. You would like to make a date sophisticated but at the same time you want to make sure that you have some sexy influences on that date. If you are new to escorting, it is not always easy to figure out how you can achieve that.


What are sexy influences? Sexy influences are anything from the way you dress to the way your smell. I think that scent is one of our major turn ons, and I have a range of different scents that I use. During my time with Maidenhead escorts, I have built up rather a collection of different body lotions and perfumes. I have noticed that many of the gents I date do seem to have their preferences so I do try to make sure that I remember. A nice scent is certainly a sexy influence on a date.


What about sexy lingerie? When I wear sexy lingerie on my Maidenhead escorts dates, I feel a lot sexier. That can certainly make things more exciting when it comes to the result of the date. I think that many women do not appreciate the importance of sexy lingerie. Most of the time I don’t think that sexy lingerie is not for the gent at all. It is for the lady to make herself feel really sexy and sensual.


What about things like lipstick? A few years ago, wearing a lot of make up on dates was the in thing to do with escorts allover London. I did not really get caught up in the trend, but a few o the girls here at Maidenhead escorts. This is such a personal thing. Some gents seem to think that wearing a lot of make up is sexy but I can’t say that any of the gents I date at the escort in Maidenhead do. It is a personal thing, and before you put a lot of make up on, I think that it is important to find out what your date’s preferences are like. Does your date think that bright red lipstick is a turn on? I am not sure that all gents do.


When you have been dating for a while, you soon realise that getting sexy influences right is all about finding out what your date’s preferences are all about. The gentlemen I have met at Maidenhead escorts all have such different ideas and it is not easy to try to second guess them. I normally try to get to them during general conversation, and I find that helps a lot to be honest. Once you know your dates, you can quickly tell what kind of things they consider to be sexy influences on a date. You be surprised – gents really do have such different ideas.

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