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Most of us need time to refresh, new environment to meditate and relax. We need time to ponder because of too much work, pressure, tired of many things, etc. Do you know that studies show that too much stress is the road to death? Perhaps, yes we heard many stories about it. There are many side effects of stress such as depression, anxiety, weight loss, illness and many more. Most of the people cause of death are problems, it I because they have focus themselves on it that they have no time to care for themselves too. Some have kept it on themselves and not have tried to express it since they were afraid of judgments. They are so scared by people around them. When you focus on your problems too much, your health is at risk. Sometimes, you need to go out and enjoy yourself or maybe to chill. You can think even more than isolating yourself and spent sleepless nights crying. Going into work every day, pressure in the family, stress at school maybe can have you a better life but what if, you have achieved your goals and have a little time to spend it since you got many illnesses, your time is short. See? Imagine you have wasted many years improving your life, but got a short time enjoying them. Always remember that life is short and you have to give a little extra happiness in your life.


I always dream to go to London and taste every restaurant there since London is famous for delicious foods. I ‘ve got to see on Tv, and one of my favorite chef’s is Gordon Ramsay, I liked all his shows and a follower in all his social media accounts, and wishing that someday I could meet him or just a stroll at London. We are based in Chicago, but my parents always promise me that one day we could have a family trip to London, and still they broke it because of their busy schedules. We ran a business, and my parents are hands on to it. So, I understand them that sometimes not all my wishes could be granted. When I was a kid, I am persistent to be an honor student, but sadly no one is there to wear me my medal. But anyway, I have no choice since if they do not work, I do not have a comfortable life now.


My birthday is fast approaching, I am turning twenty-two and never heard my parents talk about it. And ever since that was the first time they have not discuss it with me because we used to have a family discussion every special day. They always have a surprise to me, and y favorite is owning a car. Perhaps, they are just busy now and forget about it. And it is still okay.


I woke up, and it was my birthday. I have got a ticket at my side to London, and a letter says “Happy birthday son, enjoy your trip” I was like -oh-my-god, this is it! I go to London and treasure every day of my life there; I have to make sure to take a photo each. And my attention caught by this beautiful girl who has unexpectedly captured by my camera. I have approached her, and she entertained me. I was so much amazed by her that I have asked her on a lunch date and she said yes. And there we discussed each experience, and I have known she is a London escort from After my trip, we still keep in touch with each other and hopefully to go deeper into our friendship.

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