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I did not expect that my life will change into something beautiful and now experiencing a comfortable life. I have fought a lot in life, and now I am living in our dreams. I almost gave up on chasing my thoughts until I met someone who inspires and motivated me so much.


It was a bad past for me and remembering it constantly isn’t easy at all. I went to depression and anxiety because of what I have been through. Growing up without parents by your side is hard. I keep in mind that I am worthless and unvalued by people. Even my parents abandon me. Sometimes, I asked God why he allows me to be born when no one has liked me. Perhaps it was also Gods way to make me strong and believe in myself. Right after my mother’s labor, she promises the caregiver to be back in a minute, but the truth is she doesn’t come back anymore. The care giver force to take me home, and raised me. But she and her family really maltreated me. Back then, I thought she must have killed me when I was a baby for her not to be disturb. She gave me a second life, but I am paying for it, every drop of water and food. I got a lot of bad experiences on them, every time I made a little mistake they give me punishment that is beyond on my age. Sometimes, they will starve me and locked me in the comfort room. Her children also did the same way; they don’t have mercy for me. Until I realized that it is better for me to escape and live in the streets than with a roof that causes me too much pain.


Living in the streets was so difficult. Everyone is fighting over food. Everyone is selfish for their survival. There are times I starve for days, but at least I did not hear any painful words and beaten. Asking for alms is my daily routine, sometimes I offer help to people and give a little money. One day while looking for leftovers in garbages an old man was going to cross in the highway. I know that he is too early and looking at him he has poor eyesight. I offered him help, and we passed together. And that was the start of changes in my life. He offered me a job and free education. I grab the opportunity and be a good boy. Until I slowly reach my dreams in life. His birthday is coming, and I prepared something for him. He has no family, and only the two of us live in the house. I book a West Midland escort to help me set up the event and accompanied me on a special day. I am so amazed by the West Midland escorts because she was very professional and accommodating. West Midland escorts are perfect to book or sexy outcall escorts from £99 per hour | West midland escorts

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