I am not talking about my boyfriend here

I am talking about my phone and technology in general. Are we getting fed up with technology? I am beginning to think that we are and the trend is set to continue. The other day I enjoyed an outcall with a guy I have been dating a few times at Chingford escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/chingford-escorts. He wanted us to watch a new porno he had just got, and to switch his TV on, and get the DVD to play, he needed three separate remotes and a mouse. That would have driven me mad.


I sat on the sofa and watched him to go through the process. In many ways, I wanted to remind him that when he called Chingford escorts, he had only arranged a two hour date. Would we actually get the chance to watch his precious DVD? I was not sure, but he finally got it going. He smiled at me and asked me if I liked his new TV set up. Well, I know what I like and that is simplicity and nothing complicated at all.


This morning I went out with one of the other girls at Chingford escorts to do some shopping. We both needed some new gear for the coming autumn, and thought that we would spend the morning getting what we needed. We had seen some nice things online, but we both thought that it would be nice to see them close up. However, we could find them in the shop. Apparently they were only available online. Stuff like that has started to drive me mad.


What is next? I really don’t know, but when my fancy phone packed up this time, I decided not to buy a new one. All I needed was a phone that rang and could receive messages. Why should I spend out several hundreds of quid on something which has tons of apps on it and the ability to spy on me as I walk down the street? No I really have had enough and I am going to say no. You may not believe this, I have an iPad just so that I can do jigsaws on it when I am on my break at Chingford escorts.


What about remote control sex toys? Did you know that if you have a remote control sex toy, it can be hacked? It freaked one of the girls at Chingford escorts out so much that she threw away her new vibrator which could be controlled by phone or lap top. It disappointed her boyfriend, but I guess that you can’t have it all. Perhaps that is what we have been trying to do – having it all I mean. My dad even has an app to use on the golf course. Has it made him into a better golfer? No, I don’t think so, and I think that it is unlikely that it ever will. I don’t know – the world seems to have gone totally crazy on tech.

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