#TBT Shpritz Forte by Sebastian

The credo behind 80’s hair was, “The Bigger, The Better.”  That meant a girl like me who took her hair fairly seriously, needed some tried and true tools in her arsenal.  If I had to choose only one, Shpritz Forte was my go-to for some amazing root-lift and hold-in-place hair drama.  Check this out. . . all circa 1987-88.

Please take notice of the acrylic tips, too. If I had invested a fraction of the money I put into my beauty-game in college, I’d be a Lauder by now.
Miss Georgia USA finalist, 1987. The combo of the flashback from the concealer/powder under my eyes and the disposable camera, I’m sure was the precursor to Nicole Kidman’s widely publicized pics 😉 (jk, Nic)
Big Hair, I DID Care!

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